About Donna

Before I became certified in 1999, I spent the previous fifteen years sitting at a desk. I began spending more and more time working and less and less time keeping my body active and fit. In the early years, I still had time after work to play tennis or go to the beach or gym and keep active, but as my work responsibilities increased, I lost that time.
I had always been active and participated in sports right through college and I tried my best to remain active on weekends and by taking active vacations, but the pounds crept on anyway and soon I was 3 sizes larger than I am now and so lethargic I didn’t want to do anything anymore.
At one point during those years I sought out the help of a personal trainer. Finding no one available to come to my home and not having the time to go to the gym, I contacted Steve Ilg, owner of Wholistic Fitness and author of “The Outdoor Athlete” and “Total Body Transformation”. He put me on a workout regimen that I followed at home, and I got amazing results. This was my introduction to the personal training business, but more importantly I learned that to get results from exercise it had to be conducted the ‘correct’ way.
I became certified in 1999 through the NSCA, one of the best certifying organizations there is. I was required to take courses, study independently and take a grueling exam (for someone out of school for 16 years anyway) and in each three year period I’m required to take 6 continuing education credits. I choose courses by determining what’s new in the fitness industry in order to keep up to date. I’m fully insured and certified in CPR and AED for your protection. I became a member of the Queen City Rotary Club in June of 2008, and on July 1, 2012 I became Club President. I’m also a recipient of the¬†Rotary Paul Harris award recognizing my fundraising¬†contributions.¬†Our Club meets weekly in Manchester and works hard to raise funds for the local children in need. I’m also a member of the Manchester Kiwanis Club, another great organization for helping the local children in need.
My interests, past and present include: hiking, off road mountain biking, kayaking, roller blading, tennis, wind surfing, single shell rowing, motorcycle riding, jet skiing, sporting clays (2003 NH Lady Champion), pistol target shooting and billiards. I’ve been married to Tom for 27 years and I have two Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Sasha is 12 and Ruka is 8.
I’m your In-Home Personal Fitness Consultant and I’m here to help you get results and transform your body into something you’ll love. Click here to get in touch with me.
Just so you realize, once your body is on its way to a positive change –
Donna Wilczek, NSCA Certified Personal Trainer

Rhodesian Ridgebacks love to exercise