The workout routines I prescribe as a Personal Trainer for my clients include a balance  between flexibility, resistance and aerobic training.  These three components complement each other to gain the most overall improvement in our bodies.  We need all three in an organized way to get the most out of the time we spend exercising.  I show you the correct way to perform the exercises and I update the routines often enough to keep it interesting and challenging.  Working out doesn't have to feel like boot camp, it can be fun and still get results.

You may have gym equipment at home, but do you know how to use it correctly without getting hurt and still get results?  Have you tried it and given up thinking it was a waste of money?  I'll show you how you can get the results you're looking for.  Yes, there is a right way and a wrong way to exercise.

You and I will determine your fitness and weight loss goals and together we will attain them.  I'll start by assessing your current fitness and stamina for exercise and then create an INDIVIDUALIZED workout program for you.  I'll keep track of your workout routines and be sure to keep them challenging and fun.  I'll show up at your door for our one hour session and motivate you to workout.  Some people need me with them every time they work out for both motivation and to be sure it's being done correctly.  For them, two or three sessions with me per week is required.  However, for those of you who are motivated, but need to learn how to get a good workout with your equipment or from your gym membership, once per week for three weeks, followed by monthly then bi-monthly visits from me will be fine.  Everyones needs are different and I'm there to meet all of them.

We always want to workout in a balanced and wholistic way – so never forget to warm-up, stretch, train aerobically and train using resistance.  We may also decide to put some balance training and some 'core' specific training in your routine too.  It all depends on your needs…




Please read the article in my blog, "The Many Benefits of Being Active" for more information.

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