“Donna knows what she’s doing and how to achieve the ultimate in health and fitness.  I’m in my third month of training with her and I’ve never felt better.  With the exercise programs that she custom builds for me I have lost pounds and inches but best of all I have new found energy that I take advantage of every day. The work outs never get boring because Donna knows how to mix it up, keep it fun and at the same time target the areas where I need strength the most.  After a period of inactivity, thanks to Donna, I’ll be back up on my skis this year and I couldn’t be happier.  Hands down I would recommend her to anyone who wants to get fit and healthy, lose weight or just look good in skinny jeans J. “- Diane C.

“Donna is my personal trainer. She comes to my house to work with me. She is a good motivator. She has lots of creativity and new routines up her sleeve. This keeps me from getting bored. She is also willing to provide me with support via email for the times when I travel out of state. Overall, I have found her service to be a great value, provide good results and keeps me going. She is consistent and on time for our appointments. She always provides me with a written routine to follow each week. I would recommend her to anyone who nees that special one on one training and motivation.” July 23, 2008

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert.  

“Donna is dedicated to her work and always seeking new information to pass along to her clientele. She's fit, energetic, knowledged and inspiring. I had a lot of fun working with her and would recommend her to anyone, but especially those concerned with finding someone who will put them at ease.” July 19, 2008 Barbra Thibeau, Fitness Event Speaker/Presenter, Go Next, LLC
worked directly with Donna at Be Fit NH

“Donna has a clear understanding of the body and how it moves…She is able to move thru the exercises w/ease and is strong and motivated. I haven't had the pleasure of being worked out BY Donna, but my experience with her as her trainer has left me with nothing but respect for her as both a fitness professional and friend.” November 28, 2007 Michelle Chauvette , Owner, Bedford Pilates & Pedaling
managed Donna at Bedford Pilates & Pedaling

“Donna loves a challenge, She is detail oriented and a fast learner. It has been a great pleasure working with her.” November 20, 2007 David Wilson, Owner, Wilson/Spencer Strength & conditioning
worked directly with Donna at Be Fit NH

“I wish I could choose all 7 attributes LinkedIn provides for this review (Great Results, Personable, Expert, Good Value, On Time, High Interity, Creative). They all describe Donna. Alas I'm only allowed to choose 3. Donna is a strength-training-certified personal trainer who is friendly, professional, adaptable to myriads of hurdles, respectful, non-judgmental and completely trustworthy. She always has her clients' best interests at heart.” September 21, 2007Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert Caroline Bogart

"Donna is a wealth of knowledge about fitness, health and nutrition.  I did not want to go to a gym and Donna was just what I needed.  She takes away all of your excuses for not exercising and getting healthy.  I have been working with Donna since January and I am reaching my fitness goals for the first time in my life (I'm 53!).  Donna also provides plenty of coaching on diet, books to read and overall wellness that I find very helpful.  She is a real pro and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to increase their level of physical fitness and overall wellbeing.  She has made a huge difference in my life!"   –  Nancy Kane

"I had the pleasure of working with Donna over the past four years.  Prior to this, I had tried to get into shape many different times, but never stayed with a program for more than a year.  She devised an appropriate exercise program for me at that time, and revised it many times over the years as my conditioning improved, and to keep my mind and muscles from becoming “bored”!  Donna is extremely knowledgeable about exercise and nutrition.  She has helped me institute a much healthier lifestyle.  I feel wonderful, have dropped two clothing sizes, increased my strength and improved my golf game!

A recent relocation out of state prohibits me from continuing to work with Donna, but she has instilled in me the need to be healthy and “feel great”.  I will be looking for a local trainer who hopefully will continue in her footsteps.  She will not be easy to replace!" – Nadine Bothwell

"It has been an extremely rewarding experience working with Donna Wilczek as my personal trainer for over four years.  She has incorporated exercise and nutrition into a program for me that have become a part of my lifestyle.  The results have been successful.

When I began to experience some health problems, Donna was instrumental in pointing me in the right direction for a diagnosis.  Her knowledge and resources were invaluable to me in effecting a cure.

A recent move has prevented me from working with Donna any longer.  However, she still remains available to me for consultation.  Her devotion and professionalism are hard to beat!"  – Danielle Scott

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